Wit Da Shoes To Match...

Dolce & Gabbana

   Dolce & Gabbana catches the leopard fever!
and there's a whole lotta feline where that came from.

Purple Steppin'

Diane von Furstenberg

Brian Atwood

       images via polyvore


Lick -_- Yum

How could one go wrong??!

SOH: Stunt On Hoes -> June Ambrose

Miss Thang GAWT IT!!
(pics courtesy of Facebook)



I Found You Miss New Boot-ie

 What will you be stomping in this fall??
My personal pick is the one with the red laces that Im calling "The Tuskegee's"

Going Back To Cool



Straight From Da WishABitch Woods

We've come along way since L.A Lights!!! and my my my
have we grown!! These LED pumps from Rodarte will make
a hoe's head spin.. Im so in la la la LOVE!


No Room for Human Error

Let me put yall on!!.. after all, Im here to show show you things you never knew you liked.
Her name is Sonyae Elise and she is on FIYYYYYA!! Besides her good looks, her songs are really HOT. Follow her on Twitter, hit her up on Facebook, check her out on Youtube!
Ms. Sonyae, You'sa BADD BITCH!


Me and My Boo Kickin It


Nailz Did

It's almost as if these T's were designed FOR ME!!...I gotta get my hands on these
shirts by 'P's and Q's' and 'Sticky Green'


DIY Thursdays.. I GO HARDware

Be inspired to 'Get Hinged' by this ring from Cheap Monday.
Yall know da deal: I see, I like, I make.. DUH BITCH!

B.M.F: Building Minds Faster

This is a song Awwwwl the dope boys and girls should appreciate! I love this song!
We over here Blowin Money Fast Building Minds Fast!!..Is you down??

In My Hood...



When are we going to #BreakTheCycle?



Times a' Changin....

Yum Yum Eat em' Up!!

You're like a Candy Store, Im like a Toddlooorr

I straight almost went into diabetic shock  coma when I came across this cavity fuckery!!!! This is just askin to be DIY'ed.... get me to the candy store..NOW!!!!

Lil' Mermaid

    This is what it would look like if the Little Mermaid came to me to get her nails doped out


                       This makes me wanna 'Mouch' = Moan and say 'Ouch' at the same time..


I HATE his and hers stuff...sooooo cheesy! But I looooove this. It reminds me of high school love....

Hello Kitty

                       FUCKIN FABULOUS, 
                               NO LOSO
as of now these are a straight fantasy....unless somebody wanna throw me 20 stacks so I can go cop! BTW these are not for Barbie, PussyCat Dolls ONLY!

DDD: Dressed Down Dopery

If ever you wanted to please me.. buy me a JACKET!!!! Here are some "poppin fresh" jackets from Anthropologie. Check eem out!!!


Turn Me On wit Your Electric Feel

I've got to get my hands on some *quality* glow- in -the- dark polish! You would turn heads in the club, and make all them acrylic french mani hoes glow green with envy.... Besides that, imagine all the cool dark places you could show off your polish. Perfect for "a lady in da streets, freak in da sheets" kind of gal!!  and dont worry if you're not like that, your fangatips will still look good in a movie theater, lol. Either way, is NOT BASIC... the number one rule: You can be anything in the world, but please, oh please dont be basic.


Gimme shoes Gimme bread and Gimme Gimme some..???

Okay okay sooooo this pic was an intentional attention grabber, I'll admit.. SO WHAT!! lol BUT the reason why I posted it, is because it made me think of some beautiful lyrics by my main girl miss Badu. In her song '20 Feet Tall' she says.."If I get off my knees, I might recall Im 20 feet tall" MAD DEEP! Okay. You're probably going, "dis bitch"!! so what I pulled you into an intellectual trap... at least you got to look at an interesting pic and think about some poetic lyrics. Now forget this outrageous picture and go listen to the song (if you haven't already) then ask yourself,"what does this mean to me"?? sidebar: am I wrong for thinking this is a cool pic?? -__-  never mind. dont answer that.

Fresh 2 Def

 From the photographer Jamel Shabazz made famous for his books "Back in the Day" and "A Time Before Crack". Here's a look back at urban life. These photos are dope, how ironic. I love how the 80's looked!


Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you.. YOU'RE COOL

Ever feel like this??... Nuff said!

DIY Thursdays- My Shit Bling BLOOOAWWW

I could be the poster child for alot of shit... but I hold DIY projects really close to my heart! My philosophy is this: I see, I like, I make, DUH BITCH! Now, I saw this on a site for 44 beans and immediatley thought that I could EASILY do this myself,  it'll be mucho cheaper! Great way to spruce up your fall wardrobe, plus you'll def set yourself apart while all the "Plain Jane's" are rockin their basics.

Simply Sweet . Incredibly Dope

What could be better than some finger candy to accentuate some really fly ass nail art?? Imma Etsy freak, and I found a gem, as I always do. I came across "SouZou Creations" Of course these are supposed to be worn on special occasions, for fun, or to add a little extra "Im unique as hell" to your outfit! Here's some of my favorites...