The Most Magical Brand On Earth

I love this <3
and for the ones who are too lame to know who this is...
Its Karl Lagerfeld. DUH!
Google Him!

Nailz Did: Color Block

Nailz Did sportin the W.O.M.D colors, me likey!


Chanel Hottie

 Dear Kim, I pay homage. And thank you for paying homage to Chanel.


Steppin 4 Less

Personal Fave

Christian Siriano x Payless Spring 2011 collection.
And guess what yall??... The prices are supposed to be about $60 a pop
I aint even mad atcha', Im totally IMPRESSED



I want that!!

Gee Wilikers Batman!.. Im in L O V E
Can anybody tell me where to get this??


Fashion's Night Out- ATL

Chilli working the register <3

Okay so last night was Fashion's Night Out and my sis and I spent our time at one of Atlanta's hottest boutique's Fab'rik
There were mini cupcakes and strawberries and OF COURSE some banging clothes!! I was in HEAVEN
It was so much fun... the best part is when Chilli took my sis' money. (she bought some really cute Oxfords) BTW- Chilli is really down to earth and hecka pretty in person!!



Fashion Inspiration: Rizzo

Rizzo from "Grease" is the very essence of cool. I LOVED her style in this movie.

"Nah she looks to pure  BASIC to be pink DOPE"-Rizzo AK47

Im so Icey...

These send chills all up and down my spine....#SICK!


Protect Ya Self B4 You Wreck Ya Self!

give me one good reason why you wouldn't get these?? I'll wait . . . .
Dont like these??.. not to worry! You can customize your own 

Now they on my dick, I should throw a condom on.
cuz Im raw like I aint got one on.


UGG Steppin'

Hey DUDES!!... A friend of mine told me about these new UGGs and Im glad he did!
Exclusively ONLINE @ Bloomies
click here to cop da drop.


Monay... Dat $$Mula$$ Gurl

This is my homie right here Monay... I love this gurl, she's sweet and has always been
that way since the day I met her! She's on W.O.M.D  cuz her style is ill..
I asked her, "What influences your style"
She had this to say, "My style is influenced by my emotions, how I feel and by my collective PERSONALITY Im inspired by old trends , of past era's."

I roll wit nothin but dem pretty bitches, witty bitches. Dem neva actin shitty bitches, tattoo on da titty bitches. Grind bitches, dem always on ya mind bitches. You got da money, you know I got da time bitches. Pretty nail bitches, bail you outta jail bitches!



Make Em Say

This is WTF Im bumping these days.. I like, do u??
Imma D.O.P.E  B.O.Y G.I.R.L

Salad Fresh Dresser

Anyone who knows me well, knows Im MADLY in love with Kid Cudi!
This man is EXTRA SEXY.. I love his style too.
super simple. super dope.


I LUV Keith!

Nick Kirkwood x Keith Haring
The collection drops February!
mmmmmm yesssir.


Laced Wit DOPE

This lace trend is everywhere...
but thee dopest shit I've eva seen had to be those lace nails.
Can anybody say DIY??..I can!
Laced up, Ill'ed OUT


Make it Hot like FIYA



Popular in the 90's, Hypercolor, aka heat sensitive fabric
makes a comeback with American Apparel.
Pretty Dope.