Color by the Block

This is color blocking at its best. Colors that compliment each other, and textures that give this look its
high sophistication. Color blocking seems like a trend that we may never escape because it makes
so much sense visually. High voltage colors in layers of a fashion cake. Eye Dessert.
We've not recently started this trifle of pretty shades; color blocking was HOTT in the 90's.
Although we've improved the look of the trend, the concept remains the same. 



Sexiest Pictures EVER

Your eyes are not deceiving you!
That IS Tracee Ellis Ross and Lupe Fiasco.
Well these were pics from Kayne West's Glow-In-The-Dark tour book.
Its some really dope pics in there, but not as dope as these!

 I need an ass like hers!! .. no seriously I do! 


NailzDid: Malibu Barbie

Under normal circumstances this would be considered a hot ghetto mess.
and in some cases it still does. However; this took major skill to do these
gem'd Malibu Barbie done-ups.
These are so spectacular.
I wouldn't go as long, but on some stiletto tips, these would be so sick! 

We look GOOD!

Naturally Gorgeous 

Good Thangs..

Good Things come in (cement) 3's 


Lil Kim Iceberg Ad 
I wonder when this style will come back..
Fashion always repeats itself. 


Thrilla Killa

I liiiiiive for stuff like dis!!!
Just watch the video...
This is MY kinda stuff.

GO COP!!!! Go! Go! Go! 

Nasir Jones

Nasty Nas.

Old School Chanel

Chanel is my all time favorite brand.
No one does it like Gabbby!! 


NailzDid: Murder Murder Murder She Wrote. Love Crimes

Last night,  I finally had the chance to do something I've been dying to do.
I put the lyrics to one of my favorite songs on my nails!
Yes M'am. I know...
 These pictures do my nails no justice, but you get the point.
 I suggest that if you do them, (and I will do a tutorial ^_^)
you chose something that means something to you.
Like lyrics, a good newspaper article, a famous speech, or poem.
These little worded tips have the potential to be HUGE conversation pieces.
Just imagine if you had random words, and somebody asked you about it;
you'd have nothing to say and then you'd lose the WOW factor behind these nails.
And its kinda nice to look down at your tips and reminisce about something nice.
So.. what lyrics do I have on my nails??
They are the Love Crimes lyrics by Frank Ocean
I abuse the mess outta this play right here! 
here you listen... you'll see why I chose them!

En Noir

Minimalism is still sexy.
Clean architectural lines and just a teeny bit of texture looks really good.
Especially when you try this look in all black as seen here.
Great alternative to an LBD.
It takes a 'basic' look and turns heads.
The little details count. 



The GlamBar Salon is thee hottest salon in Atlanta. Period.
A beautiful marriage between a modern woman and a classic 50's starlet.
Its super Pinkalicious and dripped up and dripped out
with glam! Catering to all your 'get pretty' needs, with temporary lip tattoos,
dope nail art, and of course stylists that will make your hair look all types of amazington.
They even do natural hair!!!
GlamBar is without a doubt the place you want to go if you wanna stunt on hoes.
image via Google
The mastermind behind it all (aka my idol lol) is Sabrina Peters.
I swear this woman is a genius.
She's super creative and innovative.
She's a Weapon Of Mass Dopery! Fer Sher.
image via Google
image via Google
This place is effin FABULOUS. No Loso. 
So if you are in the Atlanta area. Do yourself a BIG favor and get down to the GlamBar.
For more info visit their super-girly website: TheGlamBar.com
Follow em on twitter @GlamBarSalon
 and make dat appointment!!!!
 Dear GlamBar: ...Stay Dope 


Tribal x Floral x Bejeweled

3 completely different swags.
all me.
They say you can tell alot from peoples shoes...
I say, keep em guessin. 

Well Dressed

This is what Im talkin bout'.
A very well put together 'fit.
Aint nothing like it.
I really wish that she had on a watch and a necklace to make it complete.
I love dis... 

Hello Boo Blockerz

STOP the madness!
These go basement classroom dumb!
Im definitely getting these, and when I do I'll let you guys know where and how much!
(Who wants to buy my these for my birthday? lol)


 And So do I....
Jus wanted to say that I thank you for visiting my blog.
Thanks for following.
&Thanks for the support.

Summer Madness

This is what I want my summer to look like
dresses, shades, and ice cream.
Im a summer baby. Team Leo... 
I like it 70 or betta...
some like it hot ;-) 


NailzDid: Its a Jungle out dere

 These tips wreck havoc!
S/O to all my pretty nail misses...
pink, yellow, n black = massive attack!

Meet Tez da ATL cutie

Everybody say Waddup to Tez!
This is my new ATL friend. *tee hee*....
He lives across the street from me and plays ball at the court where I live.
First day I saw him I knew I had to put him on here. (I am such a sucka for a dude in a snapback!)
So I did! I asked him a couple questions to get yall familiar with why I think he's so dope.
Let me put yall dee:

How would you describe your style? 
"My style is versatile"

What influences your style? 
"I really don't know"

What are your favorite things to wear?  
"levis ,cargos, adidas, basic tees, and a snapback. footwear; adidas and nikes"
 I HAD to ask this.. lol
What do you like to see a girl wear? 
"My girl can wear wateva long as she makes it look good"

I love how he kept it short, sweet, and to the point!
I knew yall would like him. 
He's soooo cute right? Not only that, he definitely is a
If you wanna get to know him better, follow him @GeeMoney0_0 
Thank you Tez!!!
....Stay Dope 


"One time fa ya mind. Yo Wateva"
This is all I have been listening to!!! Why wouldn't I? This album IS THEE hip hop Bible.
He killed this shit, and I will forever love Nas because of this.
Who else do you know has a debut album as dope as this one?
...I'll wait.
Exactly! Nofuckingbody.
 *favorite song- One time 4 your Mind. 

"My rhymes'll swag'll make me richer than a slipper did Cinderella fella"- Nas AK47

Favorite Look

This is how I want to dress this entire summer. A bright mini and a cut off shirt.
Minnie Mouse aint got nothing on her!
Usually I dont fuck with bright colors like this, but this looks really good.
and she sort of reminds me of myself...
She's automatically dope as hell for that!!

Currently Obssesed: Big Gold Jewelry

Footwork: Red Hots

These shits are dope as fuck!
I cannot wait to start my Jordan collection. Shit is gonna be epic!
Don't 'cha think?? 

"My thoughts are dirty, but my kicks clean" 



That Wilma Flinstone cave-woman look is sexy, because its wild!!!
Dont be afraid to go wild with your hair, color, and prints!!!!
Sometimes the crazier, the better!!

The Moorish King

'Afrika is my descent. And here Im far from home. I dwell within a lands that's meant, and made for many men not my tone'-D'angelo

I am a Queen! 

Re-discover yourself @ TheMoorishKing.blogspot.com

My boy Sean, aka Earth is a dope ass dude! He's so intelligent and I am in love with what he has to say, he's so poetic. He's out to represent us, the Melanoid Race. Do yourself a H U G E favor and go check him out!!!!

*p.s I hope he appreciates the pic I chose for this post, he betta! lol 



I loved this show. Since Im too young to remember when it aired, I loved watching the re-runs in the morning. Singing the lyrics to the theme song. "A Different World " was the shizzniz. Whitley and D'wayne have to be one of my favorite t.v. couples of all time! Im sure the real reason why I loved watching this show is because Im a late 80's early 90's fashion junkie....Oh yea and because Im a sucker for quality black televison. This show for me, was Saved By The Bell for US. But it was better because they were in college! They made me want to go to college. Gotta love it.

You Mad?


*Cudi is looking especially sexy in this pic. Maybe its the facial expression, or the glasses, or the hat?


Fave Thingz

pretty women, bomb hair, poppin make-up, animal print, spikes, studs, & chains.
These are a few of my favorite things!!!!!