When worlds (in fashion) collide

*image via Google*
Yes. No need to adjust your eyesight. The visual before your eyes is INDEED a Chanel sneaker. Thisscreams a rebel, a free spirit, fun, and out-going, all wrapped up in a classic, illustrious name.This is why I cant get enough of these. They are soooo genius! It pushes boundaries and far from anything "basic". Unexpectedly DOPE. Very proud to be a huge Chanel head right now. I dont know how much they retail for, but if you want to know, ask Chris Brown because that's who these babies belong to. #MajorSwagalation. Weapon of Mass Dopery. nuff respect to Uncle Karl and Coco herself.


PSA: Where In The World is AK47??

Aight, so if you havent noticed (and Im sure you have ) I have not served any dope to anyone in a good ass minute!! and I promise that this is not done intentionally. I would hate to have yall pheining for that good dope that I be dealing. Why would I do that? Here's the deal tho. My Mac Book gave out on me, and so now Im working from a laptop with the Spiderman Web on it (cracked screen) -_-. But yo, Im still here!!!!! and Im dedicated to this shit! Until I can fix this issue yall know what to do!!!! ...Stay Dope!


Style Watch

I've been spotting these gray, burgandy, blue and yellow babies everywhere! Aren't they just the sexiest?? They are the re-relaeased "Bordeaux" Jordans!!! Gotta love 'em here's Wiz Khalifa caught freakin them.


Dreams Do Come True

 Yall already KNOW how I feel about this guy....
BUT if I cant have Scott I'll settle for Big Sean pictured here with my first love.
The two of them in a pic together? Dreams DO come true!! 

And If I cant have Big Sean I'll settle for Hodgy Beats of Odd Future.
He's so sexy too!! 

PLAN A, B, and C!!!!
Cudi, Sean, Hodgy
*if they did a song together I'd melt*