Hail Mary

R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur
June 16, 1971 – September 13, 1996

Today ( June 16, ) is the birthday of the late GREAT Tupac Shakur. Known to most as 2Pac or just 'Pac'. He was more than just your average rapper. He honed an abundance of skills. Besides rapping ( which he did extremely well ), he was a poet, an actor, activist and REVOLUTIONARY. Although he started out as a "THUG LIFE NIGGA", he transformed into an Uplifting Idol. He rapped about change, poverty, police brutality and other social issues. He even tried to start his own political party. Tupac was more than what we saw or what some believed. Even though his life was cut short ( in a still unsolved case ), he still lives on through his powerful messages and songs. So on behalf of WOMD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUPAC, CONTINUE TO REST IN PEACE, ICON - REVOLUTIONARY - REAL DOPE MAN !

In Honor of his birthday his a few Tupac ' Souvenirs '.


Think Deeper .

It's really hard to describe this song. It's Great. Mr.Graham ( Drake's Last Name ) through his all into this. His deep thoughts all on a track. I really honestly believe that "FAME" ruined this guy's life. That's just the feeling I get from alot of his music. But all in all, the song's a classic. One of those light a cigar, kick your feet up and recollect type of moves. This kid is great and he knows it.

He doing this for himself, he don't care who likes it. I respect that. Shout out to Drizzy, He killing the game right now. He DOPE .

Here's the link ----> http://hulkshare.com/mxgsnif2p636


I'm True !

Now would I lie to all of you? I told u I would be at Footlocker this morning getting mine. True Blue 3's Look at them! I feel like going to a park and dunking on somebody. And the box, yes the box is equally as DOPE. If you have these, you definitely got your money's worth. I know I did. Stay tuned to see how i 'swagg 'em out'.

p.s. chances are, these babies are already sold out in stores. So unless you got the connect (like me) or live in nobody's land, you got to do two things.

Drop a Grip @FlightClub or some other Online Sneaker Store.
Drop a Grip on Ebay or Craigslist. But please don't get robbed or tricked.
Either Way Stay Dope Soldiers.



It doesn't get much better than this. This guy inspires me. His style, swagg , approach and delivery. He seems to amaze every time. Whether its on the track or the court . . . side. Lets analyze this here. BBC T-shirt, Lakers Snapback, Camo Shorts, Exclusive Nike SB DUNKS and high socks. This SCREAMS! swagg. To top it off , a beautiful Italian girl on his side. I think we all can agree, that "Wayne's Winning."

*image via lilwaynehq.com*

Day and Night ,

I'm all about putting Jersey on the map. We don't get the attention we deserve. Well i think this guy --->
could end all that. This is Ned P. He's what 'Weapons Of Mass Dopery' is about . . . #swagg. The DEFINITION of a REAL ARTIST. He produces, sings, and does some photography. Young Black Man out here trying to make a difference, change the game. If that aint DOPE, than what we here for?

SUPPORT ! Follow the Artist @NedpDa1
or visit his Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/user/nedpYIG
or his Myspace Music Page - http://www.myspace.com/nedpda1

heres a treat , a video from the artist .
a tribute to the late-great Aaliyah , R.I.P

Stay True .

If your as dope as I know you are, you GOT to love these. Yes, Jordan has done it again. Newly Retro'd 'True Blue 3's. They drop tomorrow morning ( Sat. June 4th ). And before I forget , the snapback to match! Far from basic, more than dope. I for one will be at Footlocker at 8'o'clock picking up mine. I got so many different ideas for these babies! #Swagg -