Creative Juice + Humble Pie Diet (Be Hungry)

open ya mouth ... give you a taste.

(You may take this as literal or as metaphorical as you wish)

If while eating an ordinary turkey sandwich, you savour, enjoy, and delight in EVERY bite as if it were a 5 course meal you'll find yourself enjoying 5 course meals everytime you eat!
This life was meant to enjoy. Eat it up!

*Digest That*



lick em

 Strawberry x Ghostface
"5 1/2 boys..ass is off da hook"
One of my FAVORITE Ghostface songs..
Enjoy w. your honey dip

Nailz Did: Liquid Half Moons

of that good, drip drop.
These nails are mad unexpected.

Creative Juice + Humble Pie Diet - Inspiration

What would you do if you weren't afraid?
If money was no issue?
If you knew you'd succeed?
 Go'on & do dat!!
Don't be AFRAID.
Fear is basic, and WOMD don't do basic!

Oh Isabel... (FootWork)

Isabel Marant

These dope ass sneakers by designer Isabel Marant look like some futuristic SOMBA Addidas.
and I'm lovin' it!
Creamy, Strappy, Rubber, Runners.