Who is AK47 ?

 Waddup Doe?!

My name is Allison 'AK47' Kirk. I am a nail, fashion, music, and romance junkie and professionally trained ballet, modern, and jazz dancer. My drugs of choice are love, dope, & ego-crack. None of my talents match. The only thing that unifies my work is the fact that I am the creative engineer behind it all. Everyday, I'm DOING something; MAKING something despite not knowing wtf I'm actually doing. All I know is what I want & what I like. All I know is that I'm going out with not one drip of talent left. I'm just me and I do my work. all my work. God has blessed me to do it all- in my own way.
                 Mother . Homie . Lover . Friend . Creative Juice Drinker .  Humble Pie Eater

At the top of my "goals in life" list is to open up the dopest nail salon anyone has ever seen and to inspire young black women to be the best women they can be! I'm super passionate about the success of young black women. Because it ultimatley means the success of the black family. I want to provoke their creativity and I want to inspire them to live lives full of beauty & abundance. I believe that living a life you love, begins with living your passion. It takes a certain level of courage and self-love to live in your passion, not to chase it, but to catch up to it and LIVE it!

This blog is an incubator for ideas that aren't fully formed, a birthing center for developing work that I haven't started yet. A place to get me at the top of my "goals in life" list I hope you enjoy it here while I gather my favorite images and dope sounds. They are my inspiration. The secrets behind my work. Enjoy them, use them, share them.
"Everything I do comes from the same creative place- My creative juice box. Whether its what I wear, something I write, how I perform- it's all about making things up." 

...Stay Dope!