Gimme shoes Gimme bread and Gimme Gimme some..???

Okay okay sooooo this pic was an intentional attention grabber, I'll admit.. SO WHAT!! lol BUT the reason why I posted it, is because it made me think of some beautiful lyrics by my main girl miss Badu. In her song '20 Feet Tall' she says.."If I get off my knees, I might recall Im 20 feet tall" MAD DEEP! Okay. You're probably going, "dis bitch"!! so what I pulled you into an intellectual trap... at least you got to look at an interesting pic and think about some poetic lyrics. Now forget this outrageous picture and go listen to the song (if you haven't already) then ask yourself,"what does this mean to me"?? sidebar: am I wrong for thinking this is a cool pic?? -__-  never mind. dont answer that.

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