DDD: Dressed Down Dopery: Janine

She's a fashion marketing major at the Art Institutes, An aspiring fashion buyer and boutique owner.
 Wife and mother of 3 (yea she looks good right?) and most importantly, she's MY SISTER aka "Siska".
She's landed a spot on WOMD because of her effortless fashion sense. She always knows what looks good! I asked her, what era has most influenced your style? She had this to say: "My favorite era's were the 40s and 50s because women were ultra feminine, the looks of the era became more conscious of the female anatomy with polished, tailored cuts. Im in love with chic, classic style. Also because my favorite style icon (Marylin Monroe) was from that era!" 



Wanna know more about Janine? Take a look at her blog @mvheart.blogspot.com
Guaranteed not to disappoint!

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