I'm True !

Now would I lie to all of you? I told u I would be at Footlocker this morning getting mine. True Blue 3's Look at them! I feel like going to a park and dunking on somebody. And the box, yes the box is equally as DOPE. If you have these, you definitely got your money's worth. I know I did. Stay tuned to see how i 'swagg 'em out'.

p.s. chances are, these babies are already sold out in stores. So unless you got the connect (like me) or live in nobody's land, you got to do two things.

Drop a Grip @FlightClub or some other Online Sneaker Store.
Drop a Grip on Ebay or Craigslist. But please don't get robbed or tricked.
Either Way Stay Dope Soldiers.

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