Childlikeness vs. Childishness

Can you be my Daddy?      
 Hey Ladies, guess what? There is a difference between childlikeness and childishness.
Did you know that? Men actually like when you act, and appear childlike.
Now, what do I mean by that? To be act childlike is to put a girlish trust in your man, as would a little girl would with her father. It makes him feel like an authority figure (which he is btw) and it can really turn him on. No man totally loves a girl who is too damn independent. He needs to feel that he is needed and admired. Sure, a bossy bitch might fascinate him, but the woman who is childlike, gets the ring!
Also to appear childlike, is just what is sounds like. Yes. dress like a child would.
Messy your hair a bit, wear bows, and headbands, and such. Wear light fabrics and colors. Get creative!
Get Girly. 
Trust me on this girls, its more sexier than you think. 
Try it. HE'LL LIKE IT!

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