Imma Badd Bxtch.. sike!!!!

This will be the first post in a small series of posts where I discuss the Bad Bitch vs. a Real Woman.
Surprisingly, there seems to be no difference to some people. Or at least to some people on social networking sites who will say one thing but their picture(s) speak another. So if you hadn't noticed by now, there is a difference. And I will explain to you how a Real Woman will win EVERY TIME!
There is no scenario in which a real woman will lose. So who are you? A 'Bad Bitch' or a Real Woman?

Let's start to break it down...
Keep in mind that being a bad bitch and being a real woman is a mindset before anything
A bad bitch is a female who is drop dead gorgeous. Whether she has long hair, short hair, or is bald.
Her appearance is very intriguing and alluring. She very fashion forward and her attire sells sex. Now this female may claim to have values, and she may very well have them. But you wouldn't be able to tell because they way she dresses, her pictures, and choice of words depicts otherwise.

Now, a real woman is a female who is drop dead gorgeous.Whether she has long hair, short hair, or is bald. Her appearance is very intriguing and alluring. She's fashion forward and sexy. But her attire does NOT sell sex. This female has values, and flaunts them by the way she dresses, her pictures, and choice of words. She's always a lady. Making sure she smiles genuinely, never having to roll her eyes or raise her voice.

A bad bitch will fascinate a man. She has the ability to take the attention off of a real woman. She is his fantasy. He wants to (for lack of a better word) fuck her. She can make him fall in love just like any other woman. But she will not win his total devotion, because he will never see her as his wife.

A real woman not only fascinates a man but she understands him, accepts him, and upholds him as an authority. She puts a girlish trust in him. And is there to offer unconditional love and support.  And because of this, he wants to make love to her and protect her. She wins his total devotion because he sees her as his wife.

 Just look at it this way. Both Amber Rose and Kerry Washington are very beautiful women. One might call them both 'bad'. But one fascinates a man differently than the other does. A man will want to fuck one and want to fuck and marry the other. And for that reason, one is obviously not a bad bitch. Take a guess.....

So the lesson here is Bad Bitch= Attention seeking and Sex
Real Woman= Self respect, morals, and Marriage

You can choose to call yourself a bad bitch if ya want. But I assure you, you wont be receiving a marriage proposal anytime soon.

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