Guess Who?: Meet Alexis

I'm always scouting my friends on Facebook, looking to see who's 
style I like and consider really dope.
Then I came across my elementary school friend, Alexis and Im like, "Can I feature you on my blog?"
So here she is along with a little about herself. You guys will love her. I guarantee!

 So how would you describe your style and what influences it most?

  "I would describe my style a mixture of everything. Depending on how I feel when I wake up, I might feel like being super girly or have an 80s flare to me or even feeling super blah about my outfit & just start layering things aka NYC style =]"
  "Music/Artist have the most influence on my style. Im addicted to 70s/80s music...mostly 80s, like I love Prince & Madonna, so I feel like I mimic their style in a way. But it's weird because I don't do it on purpose...I do it subconsciously lol."
Alexis @ a Prince concert

What are your favorite places to shop? 
"H&M, Forever21, Charlotte Russe(clearance rack) are my favorite places to shop. I also like to look in American Apparel just to see what's going to be the new thing...I dont shop there, its too expensive for my pockets right now lol. But I feel that American Apparel is always ahead with their styles. I think their like a year early(my opinion)"  

What's the most unique piece of fashion you own? 
 "I think that my hand-made bracelets that my mother gets me when she travels to different islands are pretty cool and unique. It makes me feel like its super exclusive and people in the states don't have them"

What do you aspire to be? 
"I aspire to be a celebrity stylist and do some modeling in between. Something thats fun. I like fun!"
What can't you leave home without? 
 "I cant leave home without my contacts & my purse that contains chap stick, gum or candy, and my Iphone with ear phones lol. I love my music!" 
 What's on your wish list?
"Red bottoms & Red lipstick on my wish list...the perfect red lipstick because it can be tricky finding that right color for you."
What are you currently addicted to? 
" Im addicted to Popeyes chicken & biscuits right now. Its hard to resist."

She's soooo cool right? Definitely BFF material! She's edgy but still has a girl-next-door appeal.
and that can be really hard to pull off. Kudos Alexis!!
Check her out in her fave digs..... 
 Thanks for the feature Alexis! You are a Weapon Of Mass Dopery!
...Stay Dope. 

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