The GlamBar Salon is thee hottest salon in Atlanta. Period.
A beautiful marriage between a modern woman and a classic 50's starlet.
Its super Pinkalicious and dripped up and dripped out
with glam! Catering to all your 'get pretty' needs, with temporary lip tattoos,
dope nail art, and of course stylists that will make your hair look all types of amazington.
They even do natural hair!!!
GlamBar is without a doubt the place you want to go if you wanna stunt on hoes.
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The mastermind behind it all (aka my idol lol) is Sabrina Peters.
I swear this woman is a genius.
She's super creative and innovative.
She's a Weapon Of Mass Dopery! Fer Sher.
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This place is effin FABULOUS. No Loso. 
So if you are in the Atlanta area. Do yourself a BIG favor and get down to the GlamBar.
For more info visit their super-girly website: TheGlamBar.com
Follow em on twitter @GlamBarSalon
 and make dat appointment!!!!
 Dear GlamBar: ...Stay Dope 

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