NailzDid: Murder Murder Murder She Wrote. Love Crimes

Last night,  I finally had the chance to do something I've been dying to do.
I put the lyrics to one of my favorite songs on my nails!
Yes M'am. I know...
 These pictures do my nails no justice, but you get the point.
 I suggest that if you do them, (and I will do a tutorial ^_^)
you chose something that means something to you.
Like lyrics, a good newspaper article, a famous speech, or poem.
These little worded tips have the potential to be HUGE conversation pieces.
Just imagine if you had random words, and somebody asked you about it;
you'd have nothing to say and then you'd lose the WOW factor behind these nails.
And its kinda nice to look down at your tips and reminisce about something nice.
So.. what lyrics do I have on my nails??
They are the Love Crimes lyrics by Frank Ocean
I abuse the mess outta this play right here! 
here you listen... you'll see why I chose them!

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