Meet Tez da ATL cutie

Everybody say Waddup to Tez!
This is my new ATL friend. *tee hee*....
He lives across the street from me and plays ball at the court where I live.
First day I saw him I knew I had to put him on here. (I am such a sucka for a dude in a snapback!)
So I did! I asked him a couple questions to get yall familiar with why I think he's so dope.
Let me put yall dee:

How would you describe your style? 
"My style is versatile"

What influences your style? 
"I really don't know"

What are your favorite things to wear?  
"levis ,cargos, adidas, basic tees, and a snapback. footwear; adidas and nikes"
 I HAD to ask this.. lol
What do you like to see a girl wear? 
"My girl can wear wateva long as she makes it look good"

I love how he kept it short, sweet, and to the point!
I knew yall would like him. 
He's soooo cute right? Not only that, he definitely is a
If you wanna get to know him better, follow him @GeeMoney0_0 
Thank you Tez!!!
....Stay Dope 

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